Anonymous: "Two things: 1. Did you notice you have two links to your askbox? 2. Why is this blog not as active? I love this blog. I've missed it so much. I want my boys back :/"

1.) No, I actually never noticed… that’s weird. I feel stupid. 

2.) I’m in school right now and I currently have very little time and next to no muse. I’m hoping that during my vacation from classes that I’ll be able to get back into it, but I can’t image trying to start up again when exams are coming up. I really do appreciate that you liked it. <3

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parentlesspotter: "YOU'VE CHANGED IT AGAIN."

frick, i forgot! i just added an a! i’m here!

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parentlesspotter: "what's your new blog? your old one redirected to one that had nothing on it"

My personal blog? Sorry about that! Forgot to set up a redirecting link. It’s here. 

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ladyaceris: "Happy New Year, boys! ;D How your party?"


Anonymous: "How was Christmas, Marius? :)"

Anonymous: "Would you prefer we went about calling you "Enj", because that is just begging for angel comparisons to be made. From there's it's just a short hop to god comparisons and, oh look, /Apollo/."

I’m having a few computer issues, but I’m desperate to answer questions. Sorry if the images look a bit off!

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darogadaae replied to your post “What are u studying Enjo?”

I rather like Enjo. Makes sense. More than Enjy, at least.

Anonymous: "(Can we ask about headanons?)"

Of course!

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Anonymous: "What are u studying Enjo?"